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Lauren Kate in Ph

So, #LaurenKateinPH happened. On my birthday. Amazing.

I was browsing through my Twitter timeline when a friend of mine tweeted that Lauren Kate, the author of the Fallen series, will be going to the Philippines again for a book signing event. I thought it was a just a lame joke because National bookstore usually announces an event at least a month before (and they announced 2-3 days before this time) until I saw the said bookstore’s official announcement via Twitter. I knew then that I really couldn’t go because I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my family plus I didn’t have enough money and energy to use. I logged out of Twitter to distract myself but I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I decided I wouldn’t go. I would not because I could not, for some reason, and that’s final… I thought! Lol. Who was I fooling?

I MET LAURENT KATE AND HARRISON GILBERTSON #LAURENKATEINPHI had to reconsider and rethink my decision over and over again because Lauren Kate was not the only valuable person I’d be meeting, for the first time, if I go; Harrison Gilbertson, the actor who portrayed Cam Briel in the movie adaptation of the book called Fallen, will be going to the Philippines with Kate as well to meet me promote the movie in my country.


My insides were forming multiple knots because no matter how hard I try to go against my will, I knew I’d still go.

I did my best to calm down then I slept and walked unconsciously around school for two days and packed my back because tomorrow… tomorrow is the day (or should I say had been?).

NOVEMBER 6, 2016


I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, still tired from faking my slumber. I took a bath and rechecked if I had successfully tossed all the things I need inside my bag. After making sure all’s set, I finally exited my chamber.

After a combination of a one and a half bus and train ride, I reached Ayala at last. I trotted gleefully to Greenbelt 5, bag at my back, unafraid of any potential attackers. It was too early– too early for anything really. The line was still short when I saw it. I sat at the back of the last person I saw and continued reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte while waiting for the registration to start. I read and read ’til I have almost forgotten who I am and why I was at the place, in the first place.


As usual, a security staff asked us to stand and walk in the direction where we’re being lead to. I didn’t see a familiar face while walking to the registration counter and it was both a relief and a mild discomfort for even if I am an introvert, I still have a little desire for a companion…

Anyway, although I was a bit late for registration, I still got a signing pass number that’s below 100. This was my first time to reach this level of amazing and I just thought I should tell everyone about it. I mean, one should count her blessings, right?


This is a bit odd for me since I have been waiting to meet Lauren for god-knows-how-long already.

After the registration, we I waited for Kate and Gilbertson with patience and excitement and a little tinge of angst in my heart. The gap hour between the registration and their arrival is huge enough for me to go home and go back to Greenbelt– and I’m from Bulacan! But instead of going home and being stupid, I just went to the cr at least 25 times and visited some bookstores while I await for the muses to kill my ever-growing anxiety and boredom and time. I returned to the venue one hour before the event to secure a decent place for myself. The excitement among the crowd was rising as the clock nears 2. Then, screams… screams have finally filled the place because my angels were finally here.

Photo of Lauren Kate (Left) and Harrison Gilbertson (Right) during #LAURENKATEINPH. Hosted, promoted, and sponsored by National Bookstore.

Meeting Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate is not just any other author I know. She’s the author of the first series I have finished reading and I know her since I was 14. The Fallen series has entertained me during my early years of introversion and meeting the creator, the author of this herself was unreal. It was dreamlike. Most of the feelings I felt during that moment were new to me and the whole time I was very close to crying. Kate was so nice to me. I couldn’t even begin to specify and verbalize the exact emotions I felt. She even stood up and hugged me when the photographer took our photos. She’s a real life angel and I’m not even exaggerating.

Here are some of our photos together:

Photo of Me and Lauren Kate while she's signing my book. | #LaurenKateInPH

Photo of Lauren Kate (left) and me (right) during #LAURENKATEINPH

My signed books:

Meeting Harrison Gilbertson

Okay. Where do I even start?

First of all, Harrison is handsome AF. If it’s not obvious in pictures, in real life, he kind of resembles young Leonardo DiCaprio in some angles. Trust me, I’ve seen him a few times already. All opinions against my opinion are invalid. Case closed. Hehe.

Kidding. But really though.

I first saw Harrison in the flesh when he walked rather shyly with Lauren on the way to the stage. He was shining. He’s gorgeous and instantly the most beautiful man I have ever seen. A literal angel too. After the interview, I waved at him and to my surprise, he smiled and waved back at me–twice!

While I was in line with other fans waiting for Lauren to sign our books, the security has let me approach Harrison already, who, by the way, stood beautifully at the other side of the stage. He hugged me first. Yes, he did that. Then, I told him a few things like today was my birthday. Of course, he greeted me and told me that it was nice to be with me on my birthday. I asked him to sign one of the books I was holding to remember the moment. To my dismay, the event photographer didn’t allow it so Harrison gave me another hug instead! Haha! Photos were taken and we hugged again. Yes. Lol. And I went back to the line again. While I was in line, I looked at the photos and realized they were blurry so I went back to try to have a picture or two with Harrison again. This time, the event photographer allowed me to take a selfie with the angel. Harrison held my iPad and asked me the mechanics of taking a picture selfie before taking a selfie. (Like where to press and to look) I died. He’s too pure for this world!

Here’s the selfie:

Photo of Fallen star, Harrison Gilbertson (left) and me. #LaurenKateinPH

Photo of Harrison Gilbertson and me. #LaurenKateInPH

After this, he hugged me again. For the record, I received a total of six hugs from a movie star on my birthday! *Internally screaming*

photo of Fallen star, Harrison Gilbertson hugging me! #LaurenKateinPH

the “first” hug

After the final hugs and greetings, I waved him goodbye as I was about to go home and he saw me. His last words to me are “See ya!” I will never forget this.

I replayed everything that just happened repeatedly in my head just so I wouldn’t forget it. I’m really glad I went to this book signing event. I will never forget this moment, the moment Lauren and Harrison both made me very happy! Thank you National bookstore for making this happen. I wish they would come back again.


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MEET LAUREN KATE: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Goodreads / Blog

Lauren Kate


Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York. She is the author of Fallen and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. She lives in Laurel Canyon with her husband and hopes to work in a restaurant kitchen, get a dog, and learn how to surf. She is currently at work on the sequel to Fallen.



Photo: Harrison Gilbertson


Gilbertson was born in Adelaide, Australia as the son of Julie Sloan and Brian Gilbertson. He began acting at the age of six when he played the character of Sorrow in a local production of Madama Butterfly. He made his screen debut in 2002 playing the role of Greggy in Australian Rules. He stars in a romantic thriller based on Lauren Kate’s best selling young adult novels Fallen directed by Scott Hicks. He is also known for Need for Speed (2014), Beneath Hill 60 (2010) and Haunt (2014)

Watch the Fallen Movie Official Trailer below:


let's chat!

To everyone who attended this event (#LAURENKATEINPH) on the 6th of November, 2016, please rise and make yourselves known! I badly want to meet you guys next time and be friends with you. If you were here, let me know in the comments section below so we can ~fangirl~, girl!

To the one reading this, have you met Lauren Kate already or read her books? Which one is your favorite so far? 🙂

Before you go, I’d like to invite you to join me on Twitter (@MXCAREYES), Instagram (@BEYONZEH)and Pinterest (/MXCAREYES). See ya!

Hey, hey, hey. This is not the first and last time I met Harrison Gilbertson and Lauren Kate! I also met them when I was invited to the premiere night of Fallen movie two days after #LAURENKATEINPH! If you wanna know what happened, click this link! OMG you guys, this is so embarrassing but whatever. Hehe. See you there! ❤


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