FEATURED IMAGE | My Fallen Movie Red Carpet Premiere Experience

My Fallen Movie Red Carpet Premiere Experience

The month of November has treated me best this year. Last November 8, 2016, I had the great good fortune to go to the red carpet premiere of the Fallen movie at SM Megamall. What made this event very special is that the author Lauren Kate and the Fallen stars, Harrison Gilbertson (Cam Briel) and Addison Timlin (Lucinda Price) were present to watch the movie with us too.

MY FALLEN MOVIE RED CARPET PREMIERE EXPERIENCEI could not contain the excitement I felt that day!

Right after my exam on one of my subjects, I headed straight to SM Megamall. The funny thing is, I failed to bring civilian clothes for this event so I ended up wearing my school uniform instead. (You can also tell just by looking at the picture below, that I am a human being who occasionally forgets how to stand when being photographed.)

Photo of me during the event ~(lol)~

me wearing my school uniform to a red carpet premiere

Photo of the Stage during the event (Fallen Movie Red Carpet Premiere)

the stage where the author and the stars stood

I waited in line with other excited fans. The majority stood before the barriers while others were still seeking a place where they could comfortably witness the grand entrance of the important guests. We collectively turned our heads towards the ladies and the gentleman’s direction as the radio DJ mentioned their names. Each of them was given proper welcome and introduction they deserve. The three, then, started walking on the red carpet, shining in all of their glorious splendor. Lauren graced the floor first, followed by Addison and Harrison.

Both Lauren and Addison looked absolutely stunning in their dresses. Their faces were perfectly made-up, making them stand out in the crowd like the celebrity that they are. Harrison looked very manly, mature and perfectly handsome. He appeared totally different when he wore his Jack London suit. Gone was the shy, but still undeniably good-looking Harrison I first saw and got to hug multiple times on my birthday. I couldn’t stop screaming (internally). I held my camera up and I took as many photos as I could, afraid that I might miss a moment forever…

Below are some of the photos of Addison Timlin looking and smiling at me:

The radio DJ interviewed Lauren, Harrison, and Addison with accuracy and haste and then finally called our names for the much-awaited meet-and-greet and group photo with the Hollywood babies.

In this photo, I was with the Fallen stars, Lauren Kate, and three other Fallen fans but I cropped them out because I do not know them and couldn’t tag them. I also had to put a stupid sticker on my hair to hide my unkempt bangs.

Group Photo with Addison Timlin, Harrison Gilbertson, and Laurent Kate

From left to right: Addison Timlin, Harrison Gilbertson, Me (Mika Reyes), Laurent Kate

Right after this moment, the organizers of the event asked everyone to enter the cinema already because it’s getting a bit late and the movie’s starting in few minutes.

Once inside the cinema, I did my best to look for Lauren Kate’s seat so I could sit near them. I immediately saw her and the two but the seats next to and near them were already occupied so I just sat in the “nearest” far seat I found.

I was so anxious at that time because I was surrounded by people I do not know and it was too dark in the cinema (of course, of course). I took several deep breaths to calm myself down and before I could even regain my composure, the movie already played and so I stared at the giant screen and got lost in the scenes and eventually forgot my crippling anxiety.

We got to watch the film first before anyone else in the world and I love the film and the feeling and the thought of it. Watching it in a cinema with a lot of fans and the movie actors and the author was a grand experience. The cinema was quiet the entire time except for when we all laughed and awwed at certain scenes because we just couldn’t help it. It was wonderful. As cliché as it may sound, this has to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life and I will always remember this… forever.

Thank you so much SM Cinema for giving me invites for this screening, Pioneer films and Magic 89.9. I had a lovely time!

To Lauren Kate, Addison Timlin, and Harrison Gilbertson: I know you might not see this at all, but if you do, I hope that you would fly back to the Philippines again. You have all my love and support. Thank you so much for visiting us!



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