FEATURED IMAGE | Thank You National Bookstore!

Thank You, National Bookstore!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

These days, I haven’t been sleeping much due to the amount of workload (school stuff) I have to finish. Meanwhile, I’m taking a break from reading and reviewing books because I need to study for my Midterm exams and revise my thesis. But don’t worry, I will make sure to update this site as often as I can.


By the way, I received an early graduation gift from National Bookstore today. I want to thank NBS with all my heart for giving me the Divergent Series Collector’s Edition totally free of charge! This made me really happy because I just finished reading Veronica Roth’s fourth novel called Carve the Mark, which was released last January 17, 2017, by HarperCollins, and I’m so excited to give the Divergent Series a try hopefully this month.

Photo of the Divergent Series Collector's Edition National Bookstore Gave Me

Get yours now:

Once again, I would like to thank National Bookstore for their effort and generosity. I really appreciate and love my new books!

And to my dear readers, thank you so much for always reading my posts, commenting stuff and for being so supportive of the things I do. It means the world to me. I just want to let you know that I see and appreciate you!

All The Love,



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