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Review: The Sky’s Eyes by Brian Macrae

“Do everything you can, try every possibility, and if you haven’t  solved the problem, go take a shower.”

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Lukas sources low-rez video to the newsfeeds. In the near future, attending demonstrations has become the most popular pastime. When the demonstration turns violent (and they usually do), Lukas is there to record it. He has worked hard to build a reputation for producing quality clips. That reputation and his willingness to be in the fray are his primary assets.

One morning, he discovers that his hard-earned digital reputation is worthless. In that moment, he realizes that he is both unemployable and a social outcast. Could it be related to the girl he met the night before, or to the abduction of another low-rez producer that he happened to record at a demonstration?

Lukas is trying to figure out how to solve the mystery, when he meets Kim. She is stubborn, pushy and difficult to be around. Unfortunately, she won’t go away because she needs to solve the mystery as well, for completely different reasons. Kim lives in a world of data and algorithms. Lukas prefers climbing on buildings and playing in traffic. Together, they must discover the cause of Lukas’s destroyed reputation because people keep disappearing.

The Sky's Eyes by Brian Macrae Book CoverGENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback 
PUBLICATION DATE: November 16th 2016 by Brian Macrae 
GET A COPY: Amazon / Kobo

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING: Rape, Torture, Murder, Violence


The Sky’s Eyes is a story you won’t just read anywhere—at least for me. It is a fresh kind of a fast-paced literature for me since I haven’t read anything like this before. In the beginning, some parts are confusing and there are terms I didn’t understand right away that I had to use the help of Google. There are also some terminologies that are used in our everyday lives but it is still not that relatable. Plus, the story is somewhat too political every now and then but it isn’t a bad thing. The setting is not clear for me until the very end but I’m more concerned about the story. Having said that, the plot is very enthralling.

Our protagonist named Lukas is a super emotional, anxious, weak, and sometimes a selfish man who sources low-rez video to the newsfeeds. At times, he can be confident about the quality of work he makes but he can be easily swayed by what other people thinks of him. He is also observant and can occasionally think positively too. He loves to strut around the city, drink coffee and unwind. He does that quite a lot.

One day, he attended a crowded demonstration that ended up chaotic, as usual. In this event, he met Steph, the small girl who is skilled at low rez and who was easily overpowered by four burly police contractors. She was never found after the bedlam. Then one morning, Lukas found out that he is hated; there are trolls everywhere and people who judge his credentials. They have no complaints about his product, it is all about him. He sends a message to his handler, whom he does not know and never met personally. They have been working together for 18 months already but he still does not know the gender of his handler too but he suspects that he is a male. In hopes that he will be able to find out the answers to his questions, he went out and began to investigate who his handler is and to know more about him. But instead of finding out who his handler is, he met a girl named Kim, his absolute opposite.


Kim, a person who lives in a world of data and algorithms, is a strong, independent woman who turns out to be Steph’s twin sister. Lukas feels stupid when he is with her and he thinks she is merciless towards his feelings. According to her therapist, Kim has the inability to recognize the needs and feelings of others. Her frustration is due to people’s inability to keep up with her, intellectually. She can be intimidating. Her lack of courtesy is in some ways refreshing; no banal chit-chat, no meaningless conversation to fill the awkward silence. And when she isn’t being an insulting hard-ass, she is kind of cute. Together, they try to solve the mystery, find the missing persons and the cause of all this madness.

The story itself is not long but the sequence of events is organized and has stitched the story together. I am unreservedly stunned by the author’s ability to create such a profound short story that is quite hard to forget. The characters, especially Lukas and Kim, have very realistic personalities and they all have a strong sense of individuality. A reader can easily tell them apart.

Some parts of the story get really exciting and painfully hilarious that I can’t help but turn the next page, making this book a fast-paced piece. I am satisfied with the plot twist and the ending is surprisingly comforting. For a book that is only 176-page long, the emotional roller-coaster ride is gratifying and undeniably worth it.

Note: I would like to thank the author, Brian Macrae, for sending me a paperback copy of his novel. This did not affect my review in any way.

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  • By tomorrow, the bruises will remind him of his experience. He tries to use the crowd like a swimmer uses the current.
  • What the public wants is to see some blood streaming down your face and a bit of pain in your eyes.
  • More thinking won’t create progress.
  • He loses himself in the arhythmic cadence of the crashing waves below and stares up at the sky.
  • Today is another day. I feel good. And, I am ready to tackle the problem with renewed enthusiasm.
  • “You know how to make a girl special.” “It’s a gift.”

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Photo of Brian Macrae

 Brian grew up in Connecticut. He left home at 19 and moved to San Francisco, California. That move began a habit of moving frequently that lasted 15 years. A few of the places he called home were Rochester New York, Columbia South Carolina, Boulder and Durango Colorado, Durham and Raleigh North Carolina. He finally settled in Asheville North Carolina and lived there for a while. He then moved up to the Poconos, a vacation area in Eastern Pennsylvania to be with the woman that he would eventually marry.

The years spent in San Francisco were the most formative. Seeking knowledge and experience, he read voraciously and sought out new activities whenever possible. The other experience that would have a serious impact was an accident in a restaurant that put him in the hospital for 28 days. He left with skin grafts covering nearly 1/3 of his body and a renewed expectation that life should always have direction. Life can be slow and leisurely or hectic and driven, but it should never be random or pointless.

He delved into yoga as physical therapy after the injury and eventually became a yoga teacher. That led to a practice called AcroYoga which is a combination of Acrobatics and Yoga. His other passion is renovating houses.

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