FEATURED IMAGE | A Jarful of Moonlight by Nazanin Mirsadeghi

Review: A Jarful of Moonlight by Nazanin Mirsadeghi

“If love is “falling”, I don’t want to fall in love. I want to rise. I want to climb. I want to fly in love.”

Official Synopsis from Goodreads

This is a series of short love poems.

a Jarful of Moonlight book cover GENRE: Poetry
 FORMAT: Paperback
 PUBLICATION DATE: February 13th 2017
 GET A COPY: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository 


A Jarful of Moonlight by Nazanin Mirsadeghi is a short collection of poems about writing, friendship, hope, love (self-love and romantic love), sadness/heartbreak, and healing. This collection is very short that the reader will be able to finish it in less than 10 minutes.

I enjoyed reading these poems (and I love reading poems in general) and I can somehow relate to some but I couldn’t find anything new about this one. The poems are, of course, original but the ones I have read here remind me of the poems I usually read on Twitter whenever I’m scrolling through my timeline. I have no complaints about poems written by anonymous or random people on Twitter though. In fact, I have found myself in some of their short poetic sentences. Some have actually brought me home.


A Jarful of Moonlight is a good collection but there’s something that lacks here and I think, for me, it’s the invisible electric thin thread that connects the reader and the poem together. I didn’t feel the intensity I needed to feel in order to love a piece. But having said that, I think it’s still worth the read.

Note: I would like to thank the publisher, Bahar Books, for sending me a paperback copy of this book. This did not affect my review in any way.

RATING: tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500

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Have you guys read this poetry collection yet? I love poems and poetry books so much ughhh. Can you suggest some good poetry books?

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I can’t find a picture and an author biography of Nazanin Mirsadeghi but in her Amazon page it says that she is the author of 12 books and most of them are non-fiction.

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