MXCAREYES | do you have book slump and you don't know what to do? Well, this post called 6 Cheats I Did To Kick Book Slump's Tiny Ass is here to give you solutions you have never read anywhere yet. :) A fresh content for an old problem, yes? Read on!

6 Cheats I Did to Kick Book Slump’s Tiny Ass

Having a lot to read but not having enough time is the most frustrating thing for a bookworm. You, you are that bookworm. The second most frustrating thing? Having enough time to read but not being able to because… you just can’t. “Yeah. Why now, mother nature? Why me? What on earth did I do to deserve this?” The questions that slowly took form are now gracefully prancing around your head. Suddenly, as if on cue, the sound of thunder fills your dark room. You, the bookworm and the hero slash victim in this sad story, feel helpless. You slowly turn your head to gawk at your bookshelf (thanks to the moonlight for sponsoring that faint glow) and voila, no book is attractive enough! No book is worthy to be held. No book is worthy of your delicate 12-second decision time. What to read next? There’s no answer to that. There can’t be. The next thing to do? You scream.

Chanel Oberlin Screaming GIF | This is the face you make when you cannot decide which book to read next.

I know. Book slump or reading slump is mean. She is meaner than that jealous girl who spread false rumors about you when you were in 8th grade. She is meaner than those cold-hearted brats who constantly watch your life go down the drain all throughout your college years. And she is meaner because you can’t see a person, a face. You can’t scream at her. You can’t ask her why. She’s nowhere yet she exists. Yes, she’s mean like that. But it’s never the end of the world… At least for you, the strong independent book reader!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. And you’re here too because you are currently experiencing the same and you’re seeking the always-right internet for remedy. If these things worked well for me, then, I think it will for you too. Well, I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s start the fight.

6 Cheats I Did to Kick Book Slump’s Tiny Ass You Can Totally Copy

6 Things To Do to Overcome a Reading Slump

  1. The very first thing I did was I gave up. It’s better to give up sometimes, but only at times like this. Times when forcing something won’t do you any good. Give up on reading. For once. Try it. Give up for 1 minute, 6 hours, 2 weeks. It doesn’t matter until when. You can only decide. Fight? What fight? (Hey, listen. You’re going to make her think she’s won. Little did she know you’re just getting started.)Angelina Jolie GIF
  2. I tried to fill the empty space in my heart– I TV-seriesed K-dramad. You can also watch movies but we do not know until when you are going to be battling a reading slump, right? You don’t want to finish a movie and end up with a sore heart from being unable to read still, don’t you? Kill your time, watch tv series. It doesn’t have to be a Korean drama series but School 2015, Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy occupied the empty space that would’ve been the space for enjoying a lovely book for the mean time.

Also, watching K-drama can help you recover really fast. You don’t understand and speak Korean? No problem. Subtitles are there for a reason. READ THE SUBTITLE. There. You just started reading already. I was unaware of it first, but that’s how I started coping. You see, this is the healthiest coping mechanism I have so far. Effective too!

Kim Bok Joo Gif

  1. The next thing I did was lie to my brain. Right after giving up and filling up the empty space in your heart, (I mean, once you finally felt that ignition or that tiny spark or whatever, again), pick up your phone. Do it fast. Lie to your brain. Lie to your brain like I did. Trick it! Are you on Twitter? Read a sentence. That’s it, you’re doing amazing sweetie! Now, switch to Facebook. You noticed your friend posted something. A rant. Annoying? No. Interesting! Read it. That’s right. You are slowly re-developing your interest in reading. Remember the feeling. Remember you can read a tiny speck of thought vomit again now. It feels good right? What, the rant was trash? Hey, hey at least you’re progressing now, aren’t you? It can’t be too bad! Lee Sung Kyung on the phone gif
  1. I opened my Kindle App. Yaaas bih, do it too! Open your Kindle app and click the first book you think has the prettiest cover or the book you’ve been wanting to read for some time now. Pick the easiest book—the one that will not make you think too much. Try to read the first chapter. Finish it too. Also, check your heart for any possibilities of enjoyment. Kindle GIF | Kindle books postpone tree deaths. Wait, what?Don’t, ffs, read something that can make you permanently stop reading books!
  1. Since I know I can do anything because I’m a mighty woman who owes nothing to anyone, I tried to change the font style. Heh. Now, do you see that Aa at the upper right-hand corner of your Kindle App? Click it. Look for Font then choose OpenDyslexic. Or any really but OpenDyslexic makes the text look informal. Less intimidating. This tip worked really well for me. I mean, changing the font made the story look more appealing Try adjusting the other options as well. Change the background color, margins, line spacing. Do what you think can help you more.

Movie gif

  1. I continue reading. After finishing the first chapter of the first digital book I’ve held, the sinking feeling gradually died. I know it can be hard at first; I, myself, complained to myself a lot. Cried inside. Did these things. But it’s worth it. And this is the final tip on how you too can kick your awful reading slump’s ass out your house!Goth girl gif

You see, I went from reading subtitles to tweets, to nonsense Facebook rants, to an e-book, and eventually, I have an appetite for physical books and books in general. Again. I can finally read and enjoy reading again. Some of these may not work for you but it worked really well for me that’s why I thought I should share with you my super expert and super amazing knowledge on combating book slumps!

The thing is, you should not force yourself to read. That’s the mistake I keep on doing up to now but you can save yourself from all the headaches if you just take things slow. We all experience reading slump from time to time. Yes, it sucks but it will eventually fade away again and again and again.

Aaaaand that’s it! I think I am done being dramatic for now! Haha.

let's chat!

Are you experiencing book slump or reading slump right now? What did you do to overcome your previous reading slump? Please let me know if any of the things I listed above helped you with your book slump!

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Before you go, I’d like to invite you to join me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also, click the button below to join my exclusive mailing list and start receiving updates from this book blog!

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