How I Got 60,000 Pageviews on Pinterest in 1 Month Without Using Tailwind or Boardbooster

How I Got 60,000 Pageviews on Pinterest in 1 Month Without Using Tailwind or Boardbooster

It’s not a secret that I just recently signed up and used Pinterest. I’ve known the platform since I can remember but I have never really had an account… before. One month ago, when I was reading different “How To” posts I can do to improve my book blog, I stumbled upon a post written by a successful blogger and entrepreneur named Melyssa Griffin. She’s talking about how Pinterest can grow your blog. I got really curious so I signed up on Pinterest and tried to see for myself if I could use its magic for my book blog too. And guess what? After only one month of consistently updating my Pinterest account, I gained 60,000 views on Pinterest! The amazing thing here is I didn’t spend a dollar on any Pinterest automation tools like Tailwind and Boardbooster. Want me to help you achieve this too? Continue Reading…


Blog Update (Part 2): Choosing a More Focused + Stable Niche

As book-bloggers, stress is a part of our daily living. I mean, aside from impulse-hoarding books, reading them, considering to write a review about them (and actually writing a book review about them) and promoting our posts as well as the books we have written a review of, of course, we have still a lot of “real-life things” and “adulting” to do. We can’t possibly live only to read and write about books and anything we like under the sun as much as we’d want to. And we don’t have all the time in the world to do all these things simultaneously. We have to be picky in our daily activities too, right? Continue Reading…

Photo: On Changing My Book Blog's Graphics and Choosing a More Stable Niche (Part 1)

Blog Update (Part 1): On Changing My Book Blog’s Graphics

Hi, guys! I’m finally back! What did I miss? For the past two weeks, I’ve been very busy with life (lol) and making new graphics for my little book-blog. I just discovered how important uniformity is when it comes to designing blog images and so that’s what I did during the first week of my short hiatus. Hehe. I’m also thinking about having a more fun, more stable, focused niche because I’m getting bored with my own blog content. Like, seriously. Everything is just lame and somehow vague and I don’t want it to be like that for the rest of eternity so I’ll be spicing things up and narrowing things down a little bit. I’m absolutely excited to talk about the latest changes I did and plans I have for my book-blog in this two-part series. Let’s get started immediately with the first part, shall we? Continue Reading…