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I Got Published on Thought Catalog!

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, I received a very pleasant e-mail from one of the Thought Catalog writers/producers named Nicole Tarkoff saying my article, which I will be posting below, is live on the site and that she enjoyed reading it. As an amateur writer myself, I’ve felt as though I was on cloud nine at that very moment because I never thought I’d reach this height ever in my life. I sobbed and jumped uncontrollably around the kitchen whilst trying to absorb the fact that it really happened. I’m so happy because guess what, I can finally cross this off my bucket list! Continue Reading…

Excavations of the Mind

“The sickness I felt had reached a crisis; it was not turning back as I had hoped, but was rather, advancing steadily. What to do? Whom to turn to? Where to go?” – Sylvia Plath

My mind has a grotesque habit of pouncing on me the way a hungry predator attacks its inattentive prey. It flusters me every night before I sleep and every the morning right after I shower, then the battle intensifies the moment I watch the sun rise through a rose-tinted glass of a slowly moving wheelers. However, it does not only attack when it is expected to: it also happens at 3 in the afternoon when I am laughing my ass off with a friend, when I am listening to a joyful music or when I’m just doing undemanding activities like sitting quietly on a chair and trying to enjoy a meal or a movie or a short literature. It never gave me a plausible explanation why it does what it does though; 0ne day, I just woke up and started living under its mercy, which, I’d say, is not and will never be fair.