I Got Published on Thought Catalog!

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, I received a very pleasant e-mail from one of the Thought Catalog writers/producers named Nicole Tarkoff saying my article, which I will be posting below, is live on the site and that she enjoyed reading it. As an amateur writer myself, I’ve felt as though I was on cloud nine at that very moment because I never thought I’d reach this height ever in my life. I sobbed and jumped uncontrollably around the kitchen whilst trying to absorb the fact that it really happened. I’m so happy because guess what, I can finally cross this off my bucket list! Continue Reading…

The Peruse Mission

So much reading, working, thinking, living to do! A lifetime is not enough.” -Sylvia Plath

Before I became a writer, I was a reader first.

And I did not stop there.

I started having a genuine interest in reading when I was just a young girl. My father used to read me bed-time stories while my mother made sure that I never run out of books and I think that are some of the reasons why I became a voracious reader myself. My parents’ vigorous effort to carry out their make-her-read-but-don’t-force-her plan helped me develop appreciation for simple to slightly complex literature as I grow older. As a child, my imagination was so vivid that I had quite a hard time distinguishing reality from fantasy but I didn’t view that as a bad thing because in reality, it made me curious in the physical and visible world around me. Continue Reading…