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Psst. I’m on Pinterest (and I’m taking a short break)!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a fabulous one. So today, I am here to announce my short break from book-blogging because I am currently fixing my life my blog and social media accounts to give you better, fresher blog content. It won’t take very long though. I will just be gone for maybe 2-3 weeks and that’s it! I know I don’t need to make an entire blog post about this and maybe a lot of you will not even notice but I still feel like updating you all just in case you ever wonder. Hehe. And hey, I will not leave this blog and you guys totally alone of course! For book-bloggers, book readers and my first-time visitors, welcome! Here’s a little something for you: Continue Reading…

So you wan't me to review your book (Featured Image) | This post is for authors, publishers and PRs who would like their book to be reviewed in this book blog.

So You Want Me to Review Your Book?

In this whole book-blogging industry, it is super important for book-obsessed individuals or bibliophiles like me to have something to write about (like book reviews) and publish on our blogs at least once a week. But, let’s admit it: we don’t always have money or time to actually purchase the books we want or find interesting (or grab-worthy for that matter), right? That is why book bloggers are thankful for authors and publishers who reach out to us and send us book review requests. Want to know what makes me accept book review requests? Continue Reading…


I Got Published on Thought Catalog!

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, I received a very pleasant e-mail from one of the Thought Catalog writers/producers named Nicole Tarkoff saying my article, which I will be posting below, is live on the site and that she enjoyed reading it. As an amateur writer myself, I’ve felt as though I was on cloud nine at that very moment because I never thought I’d reach this height ever in my life. I sobbed and jumped uncontrollably around the kitchen whilst trying to absorb the fact that it really happened. I’m so happy because guess what, I can finally cross this off my bucket list! Continue Reading…