MXCAREYES | It's time for reviews and recommendations! Lately, I've been watching alot of K-dramas so I thought of writing about some of my favorites. The first K-drama I have watched is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. That's what made me watch another one: Goblin. Goblin is so faaar my most favorite. While watching Goblin, certain character caught my attention and that is Deok Hwa. Haha! He's so cute and handsome I couldn't help but search for other dramas where he appeared on as well. I found out later that he also starred in Who Are You School: 2015. GUYS. YOOK SUNG JAE AKA DEOK HWA AKA GONG TAE KWANG IN SCHOOL 2015 BROKE MY HEART SEVERAL TIMES THIS MONTH. He truly deserves to be on this list. Lastly, I've included non-Kdrama stuff on this list like my favorite books and music. I hope you enjoy this one.

9 July Favorites: Recommendations and Mini-Reviews

Hi guys! How is everyone? I hope you guys are doing okay wherever you are. How’s your summer so far? I’ve been freaking out a lot these days because I’m not getting enough social interaction so I just cope by obsessing over things and other human beings. I watch tv series after tv series and try to cross out some of the books on my TBR list too. While living the Patrick-Star-Under-The-Rock life, I noticed how much I’ve gone to like, like really like some things I don’t give a frozen ice cream about before and I’m so excited to share them all with you. Let’s get started. Continue Reading…


I Got Published on Thought Catalog!

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, I received a very pleasant e-mail from one of the Thought Catalog writers/producers named Nicole Tarkoff saying my article, which I will be posting below, is live on the site and that she enjoyed reading it. As an amateur writer myself, I’ve felt as though I was on cloud nine at that very moment because I never thought I’d reach this height ever in my life. I sobbed and jumped uncontrollably around the kitchen whilst trying to absorb the fact that it really happened. I’m so happy because guess what, I can finally cross this off my bucket list! Continue Reading…

FEATURED IMAGE | Excavations of the Mind

Excavations of the Mind

“The sickness I felt had reached a crisis; it was not turning back as I had hoped, but was rather, advancing steadily. What to do? Whom to turn to? Where to go?” – Sylvia Plath

My mind has a grotesque habit of pouncing on me the way a hungry predator attacks its inattentive prey. It flusters me every night before I sleep and every the morning right after I shower, then the battle intensifies the moment I watch the sun rise through a rose-tinted glass of a slowly moving wheelers. However, it does not only attack when it is expected to: it also happens at 3 in the afternoon when I am laughing my ass off with a friend, when I am listening to a joyful music or when I’m just doing undemanding activities like sitting quietly on a chair and trying to enjoy a meal or a movie or a short literature. It never gave me a plausible explanation why it does what it does though; 0ne day, I just woke up and started living under its mercy, which, I’d say, is not and will never be fair. Continue Reading…