FEATURED IMAGE | Searching for Sitala Mata by Dr. Cornelia Davis

Review: Searching for Sitala Mata by Dr. Cornelia Davis

“I took this as a sign of forces greater than me, of strange currents in the air.”

Official Synopsis from Goodreads

In 1975, Cornelia E. Davis, MD, MPH, was a pioneering African American woman doctor fresh out of medical school. Davis felt an overwhelming gratitude for her life’s opportunities, and sought a way to give back. Her bold choice would benefit millions of lives. Continue Reading…

FEATURED IMAGE | The Dead Inside by Cyndy Drew Etler

Review: The Dead Inside by Cyndy Drew Etler

“As I’m telling the story, I’m back there.I’m feeling it happen, the way more than I did when it actually happened.”

Official synopsis from Goodreads:

I never was a badass. Or a slut, a junkie, a stoner, like they told me I was. I was just a kid looking for something good, something that felt like love. I was a wannabe in a Levi’s jean jacket. Anybody could see that. Except my mother. And the professionals at Straight. Continue Reading…