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How I Got 60,000 Pageviews on Pinterest in 1 Month Without Using Tailwind or Boardbooster

How I Got 60,000 Pageviews on Pinterest in 1 Month Without Using Tailwind or Boardbooster

It’s not a secret that I just recently signed up and used Pinterest. I’ve known the platform since I can remember but I have never really had an account… before. One month ago, when I was reading different “How To” posts I can do to improve my book blog, I stumbled upon a post written by a successful blogger and entrepreneur named Melyssa Griffin. She’s talking about how Pinterest can grow your blog. I got really curious so I signed up on Pinterest and tried to see for myself if I could use its magic for my book blog too. And guess what? After only one month of consistently updating my Pinterest account, I gained 60,000 views on Pinterest! The amazing thing here is I didn’t spend a dollar on any Pinterest automation tools like Tailwind and Boardbooster. Want me to help you achieve this too? Continue Reading…

Photo: On Changing My Book Blog's Graphics and Choosing a More Stable Niche (Part 1)

Blog Update (Part 1): On Changing My Book Blog’s Graphics

Hi, guys! I’m finally back! What did I miss? For the past two weeks, I’ve been very busy with life (lol) and making new graphics for my little book-blog. I just discovered how important uniformity is when it comes to designing blog images and so that’s what I did during the first week of my short hiatus. Hehe. I’m also thinking about having a more fun, more stable, focused niche because I’m getting bored with my own blog content. Like, seriously. Everything is just lame and somehow vague and I don’t want it to be like that for the rest of eternity so I’ll be spicing things up and narrowing things down a little bit. I’m absolutely excited to talk about the latest changes I did and plans I have for my book-blog in this two-part series. Let’s get started immediately with the first part, shall we? Continue Reading…