FEATURED IMAGE | Stranger Things Have Happened by Jeff Strand: Blog Tour, Giveaway and More!

Stranger Things Have Happened by Jeff Strand: Blog Tour, Giveaway & More!

Hi guys! I’m back again. How are you? I hope everything’s alright.

Well, I’m here to re-introduce to you the young adult book I’ve loved so much that I gave it five s h i n i n g stars on Goodreads, NetGalley and here on my book blog! You can read my review about this fabulous and super funny book called Stranger Things Happened by Jeff Strand right here! 🙂 Continue Reading…

The Peruse Mission

So much reading, working, thinking, living to do! A lifetime is not enough.” -Sylvia Plath

Before I became a writer, I was a reader first.

And I did not stop there.

I started having a genuine interest in reading when I was just a young girl. My father used to read me bed-time stories while my mother made sure that I never run out of books and I think that are some of the reasons why I became a voracious reader myself. My parents’ vigorous effort to carry out their make-her-read-but-don’t-force-her plan helped me develop appreciation for simple to slightly complex literature as I grow older. As a child, my imagination was so vivid that I had quite a hard time distinguishing reality from fantasy but I didn’t view that as a bad thing because in reality, it made me curious in the physical and visible world around me. Continue Reading…