Top 20 Gorgeous Young Adult Book Covers in 2017

Top 20 Gorgeous Young Adult Book Covers in 2017

Bookworms, let’s admit it: we do judge a book by its cover. Whenever we go to a bookstore, what’s that main thing that makes us pick up a book we do not know anything about? The book’s cover, yes? Yes. Hey, let’s be real here. We enter a bookstore. We walk along the aisles. And then, something in the corner of our right (or left) eye catches our attention: a book with a fantastic cover! What do we do next? We pick up that strange and unfamiliar gorgeous book first and then read whatever is written on the back cover later. And we do it every single time! Am I right? Continue Reading…

5 REASONS WHY READING AS YOU WISH BY CHELSEA SEDOTI IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME | AS YOU WISH BY CHELSEA SEDOTI BOOK REVIEW | Have you guys read an a book with an intensely annoying protagonist? I have and this book is the one I'm tallking about. Wanna know the reasons why I can't wait to finish... or put this book down ffs? Continue Reading!

5 Reasons Why Reading As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti is Just a Waste of Time

“I only see a great big exit sign.”

Official Synopsis from Goodreads

In the sandy Mojave Desert, Madison is a small town on the road between nothing and nowhere. But Eldon wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, because in Madison, everyone gets one wish—and that wish always comes true. Continue Reading…