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Hi there my lovely authors, publishers and PRs. Welcome to my book blog!

I would be so pleased to accept books for review from authors and publishers of any genre but I particularly enjoy Young Adult and New Adult Literature. I also read Biographies/Memoirs (Medical Memoirs, you’re super welcome here!) and Graphic Novels.

I am wearing eyeglasses and that obviously means I can’t see clearly. I don’t want to worsen my condition so, I’ll make this very clear: I am not accepting digital books.

I read e-books from time to time but I am trying to practice self-love these days so I am limiting my e-books to Netgalley e-books only. 🙂 Hehe.

The only format I accept is the physical copy of your book.

My review will have 3 major parts: the book summary (from Goodreads), my thoughts about the book, and the Meet the Author part. However, I might add some extra details if needed.

I will be discussing my personal experience reading the book, whether good or bad.

I will always present honest and unbiased reviews– it means that I do not guarantee a positive review if I, unfortunately, didn’t like the book.

I will see to it that my reviews and opinion about the book/s will not be grounded on my relationship with the author or publisher involved.

But please don’t be sad if I don’t give you a positive review though. My review is based solely on my experience and level of enjoyment so if I gave you a low rating, it just only means it wasn’t entertaining enough for me.

That could be different for other readers and book-bloggers out there so keep your mo’er crackin’ heads up!

After I review your book, I will send you a direct link to my review via e-mail, as well as inform you of which sites my review has been posted on. My review of the book will appear in the Book Reviews section of this blog, my Twitter and Goodreads account. a pretty fair deal, right? Right.


I will use a system of 1-5 flowers and I will explain my reasons for liking or disliking the book in my review.

tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500 –  I am obsessed with the book! It is life-changing, captivating and perfect. I will definitely re-read it. Highly recommended. A necessity.

tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500I love the book. I had really high hopes for this one but it hung below the line of my expectations. It has a lot of potentials, but the icing on top was missing. I might still re-read this but I’m not really sure. Still recommended.

tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500I enjoyed the book but it lacks the feel or something I am looking for in a literature. (You won’t really need it in your life to buy a copy of it so if you want to read it, you could just borrow the title from your friends or from the library.)

tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500 – I liked some parts, but it ultimately failed as a whole.

tumblr_mj0pswo4xz1rm6jd7o1_500It just didn’t bring me there. I tried so hard to keep up with the book. The writing style, characters, and details were below my standards.There was nothing I remotely liked about the characters or the story, and I only finished it because I either forced myself to or I just wanted to see if it would improve, but it didn’t. Sigh.

Did Not Finish (DNF) – Translation: God. Why.

If you have any questions and other concerns, feel free to e-mail me at:

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Please take note that I will automatically reject your review request if you didn’t follow these simple rules:

  • Put “Review Request: [name of book] in the subject line.
  • Do not forget to include the description of the book, genre, title, Goodreads link, publication date, your affiliation to the book (author/publisher/other).
  • Please include a short bio in your e-mail.
  • Please include where and/or how you found out about this book blog.
  • The book review service is free. My time and effort, for now, is free also. However, the post-office charges me a certain amount of money before I can get your book from them. The amount per book varies. And so, before I post the review of your book, you will have to pay me and I’m only asking for the post-office charge. I will send to you the amount with a receipt from the P.O and once you’re paid, I will publish the book review already.
  • If you think paying the P.O fee after sending your free book to me isn’t fair, then, you are always free to look for other book-bloggers who can review your book for you. Hehe.
  • If you also want my review to be posted very, very fast (like 1-2 weeks after receiving the book), let’s talk biz!

Miss one and you’ll literally get 0 reply from me, you know that. 😉

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  • The books that were previously reviewed in this blog were personally chosen and purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
  • This blog is based in the Philippines and run by one person only (and that’s me!).

Thank you so much for your interest and have a great day!

To authors and publishers: This page is subject to change without prior notice. Please check this out at least weekly for updates. Thank you!