Review: Songs from Richmond Avenue by Michael Reed

“To have nothing and no one but still carry on, though, that must take an even more serious kind of faith.”

Official Synopsis from Goodreads

If the adage “nothing civilized ever resulted from the drinking of beer” requires further proof, one needs look no farther than down Houston’s pothole-infested Richmond Avenue. There, the blurry-eyed denizens of the Relix Club wile away the hours engaged in their two favorite activities – drinking and betting. Continue Reading…

Review: Searching for Sitala Mata by Dr. Cornelia Davis

“I took this as a sign of forces greater than me, of strange currents in the air.”

Official Synopsis from Goodreads

In 1975, Cornelia E. Davis, MD, MPH, was a pioneering African American woman doctor fresh out of medical school. Davis felt an overwhelming gratitude for her life’s opportunities, and sought a way to give back. Her bold choice would benefit millions of lives. Continue Reading…