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Psst. I’m on Pinterest (and I’m taking a short break)!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a fabulous one. So today, I am here to announce my short break from book-blogging because I am currently fixing my life my blog and social media accounts to give you better, fresher blog content. It won’t take very long though. I will just be gone for maybe 2-3 weeks and that’s it! I know I don’t need to make an entire blog post about this and maybe a lot of you will not even notice but I still feel like updating you all just in case you ever wonder. Hehe. And hey, I will not leave this blog and you guys totally alone of course! For book-bloggers, book readers and my first-time visitors, welcome! Here’s a little something for you:

Pinterest Image | MXCAREYES

I just made a Pinterest account wherein I make boards (collection of pins) that contain different direct links to different hot topics such as Blogging Tips for Book Bloggers, Tips on How to Write a Book Review, and #Bookstagram Tips ) written by experts and giants themselves.

If you are a new book-blogger seeking ways on how to improve your blog content, increase traffic, secure your WordPress blog, and gain a larger audience on your different social media platforms, but is feeling super lazy to actually visit Google and search for solutions, these Pinterest boards can help you.

I personally read these links before I save and categorize them in different boards— because I, myself, want to learn more about these topics as well—so you can be sure I picked them carefully for your special needs.

Hey, I will update these boards every week so make sure to follow my profile now to keep you posted. Remember: new pins = new tips = new result = new you! Crazy right? I know. You’re welcome! *wink*

PINTEREST boards are really super cool! I know most of you who search for book reviews online not only want to know the book title and the author’s name but also figure out what the cover of the books look like. Us humans are very visual. Let’s be honest here; the attractiveness of book covers is a huge selling factor, right?

Kim Bok Joo Gif

In order for you guys to find useful stuff from my blog faster, I made a Pinterest board that contains the direct links to all of my book reviews.

Wait, don’t you already have it in your blog, Mika?

What’s the difference between my blog’s Book Review index and my Pinterest book review board? Well, you can easily find a review of your chosen book in my Pinterest book review board because you will be able to see the book cover there… unlike in my blog’s own review index. Sorry about that!

There’s nothing wrong with my blog’s own book review index though; if you don’t want book covers to either ~distract~ your book hunting situation or fool you, then, that’s the best place for you. 🙂 You’ll win in whatever decision you’ll make here.

You see, blogging & social media tips, and a graphic book review index are not the only things I have in store for you guys to take a look at— if you want— on Pinterest while I’m gone. I have also prepared fun and lighter boards for you such as book recommendations in case you want to binge read! Hehe.

These boards are for anyone who loves convenience and saving time and energy. These boards will be updated every week as long as I live so make sure to follow my profile and my individual boards to never miss out on every free good stuff I have prepared just for you!

let's chat buttonDo you guys have Pinterest accounts and boards you would like to share? I will be back to follow everyone so don’t be shy to comment the link to your Pinterest profile (so I will know you came from here) below!

Or if you’re really super shy, you can send me an e-mail with your name and link to your Pinterest profile so I can follow you.

Also you can comment as many interesting board links as you can. The comments section is open forever so if you found this post 17 months after, I would still lurk at your stuff, y’all.

Lee Sung Kyung door gif

Before you go, I’d like to invite you to join me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also, click the huge button below to join my exclusive mailing list and start receiving updates from this book blog!

Before you go, I’d like to invite you to join me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also, click the button below to join my exclusive mailing list and start receiving updates from this book blog!MXCAREYES | Join my mailing list & stay connected. If you join, you will get my book reviews, blog features and bookish posts straight to your inbox!See you in my next post, you guys!

Love, Mika.


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